Working with your Digital Marketing agency

May 25, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

So you’ve finally taken the step and found a digital agency to manage your online marketing. It is always a big decision to hand over your brand to someone else to manage, so it is really important you have a strategy of what you want to achieve and ensure they understand what you want from the relationship.

In this article I am going to go through a few points to remember when you do get outside digital marketing assistance.

  1. Digital Marketing is just that – digital marketing only
  2. Understanding the reporting
  3. Setting clear goals

Digital Marketing is just that – digital only.

What is your agency taking care of; SEO, SEM Social? These are incredibly important aspects of Marketing, but who is taking care of all the other aspects of your marketing?

Ask yourself if the other aspects of your branding and marketing are consistent? For example:

  • Is the Collateral leaving your business consistent?
  • Do you have a brand voice?
  • Are you going to look at more traditional methods of marketing?
  • Who is going to manage the data coming into the business from increased activity?
  • Have you thought through if processes and procedures need to change to manage increased activity

These are just some things that need to be thought about outside of what a digital agency will offer.

If you have a fresh and modern digital presence you need to be sure everything else matches that too.

Understand the reporting

Your digital agency should be sending you frequent – at least monthly – reports. Make sure that you have communicated what reporting is important to your business, and have an understanding of the reporting they are sending you.

You do not want to be sent reports which don’t make sense to you because they’re filled with unnecessary jargon.

Setting clear goals

Before engaging with any consultant or agency you need to set clear (and achievable) goals!

Make sure these align with your business goals, and communicate with your agency about what you really want to achieve from the relationship – all relationships will be more successful the more transparent you can be about your expectations.

At Plum Marketing Solutions I am not a digital marketing agency, I work with digital marketing agencies to ensure that every piece of your marketing activity is aligning. So if you need help working with your current agency, or want all your marketing activity to be aligned, i would love to hear from you.