The Best Marketing Lessons I’ve had

Jul 8, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

The Best Marketing Lessons I’ve had

I am a firm believer that for anyone to forge a great career in something they must be able to accept failure and learn from it, and they must also have a great passion for their chosen profession.

If there is one quick way to learn something, it isn’t from a textbook or spending years learning the theory (unless you’re a doctor, nurse, physio etc then please for all our sakes do the theory, we need you!) it is from getting one’s hands dirty and getting involved, making mistakes and trialing new things.

In this new series of blogs, The best marketing lessons I’ve had, I aim to bring you useful tips and tricks you can implement within your business from mistakes and trials I have personally made.

With over 12 years’ experience in Marketing and more specifically helping businesses implement new strategies, trial campaigns and in turn overcome those internal change management challenges, I have plenty of stories to share that will hopefully add value to your business (and maybe give you a chuckle.)

A little bit about your author Bec…

When I was younger leaving high school and figuring out my future career plans, I had one huge interest in my life, music. So naturally I enrolled in my local TAFE in an events management diploma, because I of course was going to run the biggest music festivals in Australia like Big Day Out, Livid (remember that festival or am I showing my age?) and rub noses with all those rock stars that I idolised (I had tried the whole play the guitar thing for eight years and decided I wasn’t getting in the industry that way.)

Note my parents were of course not so stoked with this career choice given my father was a self-made businessman and my mother was very straight and narrow.

Fast forward two years post diploma (I passed with flying colours) I found myself a little lost as the events management dream had become more of a nightmare after several sight visits with event managers really made me realise it would not be the career path for me.

So there I was the supervisor in a retail store and knew that this wasn’t what I wanted in life, so I began applying for administration and reception roles, and I landed one!

I started in February in a boutique Real Estate agency in western Sydney and it was only a couple of months before I was working alongside the Marketing Manager of the agency and within six months I had taken on a Marketing Coordinator role.

I was implementing changes to the shop window, updating stationary and injecting my flare into their marketing, while studying part time and making sure I could progress this career path.

I had discovered my passion.

Within another year and a half I was to leave the little boutique agency and move into the corporate world where I would take on a marketing coordinator role in health insurance, and from that moment I haven’t looked back.

My marketing journey has never been dull, with plenty of changes thrown my way and of course plenty of challenges.

Marketing is not for the faint hearted and is an everchanging career path.

Whether it be those huge digital platforms like Google and Facebook which have revolutionised marketing as it is known but have also never stopped moving the bar, making us marketers question our ability to serve our customers daily.

Or whether it be the never-ending battle between sales and marketing, when the two departments should be the most harmonious within a business.

There are a million blogs, vlogs and no doubt podcasts out there promising to answer those key marketing questions (and get their SEO rankings up), but I hope to make this blog series both educational and entertaining for you, while delivering tips and tricks that have been trialed by yours truly.

Of course, if you ever have any questions, simply want to connect or want to brainstorm ideas about your marketing I am always looking for new mates in marketing and of course companies to help! Get in touch by contacting me at