No more guessing what might work, it’s time to be strategic about your marketing.

“Marketing doesn’t work.” Let’s change that narrative.

No more guessing what might work, it’s time to be strategic about your marketing.

“Marketing doesn’t work.” Let’s change that narrative.

You’re a time poor business owner who has been in business for a few years now, you’ve got help in the business, but your teams may be siloed.

Word of mouth and referrals have been super successful, but you’ve reach the ceiling. It’s time to sit down and figure out this marketing thing.

You may have worked with agencies or may still be, but you need someone to give you clarity around your marketing strategy and how you can execute this plan!

My strategy sessions are designed to help you gain brand growth, visibility & ultimately build your sales funnel. Your Brand Amplified. Your Strategy Clarified. Your Message Magnified

And most importantly you will walk away with a clear road map to move forward and reach your business goals.

The Process

Your marketing Strategy is not a set and forget document. It is a living breathing part of your business.

Just as your business grows and scales, so should your marketing strategy.

Key elements will stay the same, but it is not an expensive document that’s created and left on a shelf.

I don’t guess, I ask!

A Marketing Strategy unique to your business cannot be created from afar…The best strategies come from working alongside you (and your team) to ensure the strategy aligns with the business goals, that the teams are on board, and no longer siloed and that your strategy is at the heart of your business and it’s operations.

From looking into current activity both internally and externally I can determine what the right next steps are for the business. From the execution, to detail around what systems are missing which would add value internally for your team, but also for your customer experience.

I encourage business owners to bring any stakeholders into this who will be impacted at all by the marketing strategy (yes this includes Sales, Ops and anyone customer facing.)

The best way to create a strategy for your business is for me to understand it like I am apart of it.

Every business is unique and your strategy needs to be too.


Bec did a fantastic job with the Marketing Strategy plan she prepared for my business. She took the time to get to know my business and the industry I’m in so that she could provide me with a super relevant plan and then carefully explained everything so that I’m confident to get started. I’m feeling excited and full of energy to get started with the marketing now that I have a clear way forward!

- Melanie

Working with Bec is a partnership. I enjoy our marketing strategy sessions where we work through challenges collaboratively. These really are development and strategy sessions, not just content planning sessions and it’s great to have Bec to not only bounce ideas off, but also to assess, dump or develop those ideas with.

- Sandy


A funnel of qualified leads
Leads that come into the business are more often than not quality leads. Your sales and marketing teams have a great feedback loop, which helps nail this pipeline and conversion.
Marketing decisions made from data points
You invest in marketing based on a clear understanding of the outcomes you are seeking. No marketing is started without it aligning with clear business goals, you know what success looks like.
Marketing built around internal collaboration
Your teams communicate, the customer journey and brand experience is clear to everyone in the business. You create content based on the feedback of everyone in the business - allowing you to hit your target market and find ideal clients easily!
Siloed Marketing approach
Your teams are all busy being busy within their set team, they rarely collaborate, the only time the marketing team hears from your sales team or any team in the business is when they're upset and angry with something.
Reactive Marketing with no understanding around activity
When you decide to 'market' it's with activity you see everyone else doing. You often find yourself caught up with comparisonitis and obsessing over the competition. You get caught up with the shiny stuff and doing activity with no real alignment to a business plan or business growth goals.
Riding the sales rollercoaster
Marketing only becomes a priority when things look bad. You ride the rollercoaster of pipeline, only focusing on marketing when pipeline has dried up and you have "time" to focus on the business.

My Approach –
I do Marketing Differently

Why? Because I see your business as that – a whole business.

Your marketing strategy needs to be developed around your business goals and needs to integrate with however your business is structured – and if you have team, they all need to be included on the journey.

I truly have an issue with any marketers, agencies, creatives that don’t look at your business as a whole and just focus on a tick boxing exercise for ‘trying all the marketing stuff.’

It’s probably the many years experience building marketing functions within businesses that gives me this unique approach.


Marketing Espresso is your bite sized caffeine marketing hit of the day! Coming to you twice a week designed to help you with marketing tips, tricks and thought starters!

Want me to cover a topic, email me and I would love to help you with your marketing question!


What can you expect?

A detailed delivery of the following:

  • Overall business goals & marketing goals
  • An outline of who you are as a business, what is your vision, mission, your why
  • Marketing Centric Business plan
  • Current market analysis - competitor analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Ideal client outline
  • Your brand - USPs, voice, who we are in the market + Key Brand Elements
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Product/ Service outline
  • Marketing Channel outline
  • Marketing Messaging strategy
  • Outline of reporting recommendations
  • Execution plan
The goal is to deliver you and your team with a strategy which guides the business, is easily executable, and is able to be reviewed through the systems and processes we put in place.