Get your access to my content planner.

Clients have told me this planner has changed their lives. If you feel like you need a place to bring together your unique messaging but in a way which helps you plan the execution of this messaging and your marketing – then my planner is it!

One of the key things I see business owners struggle with is brining structure to their content plans.

You know you need to have an online presence, but what do you post about, how often should you post, and how can you get an overall view of your content plan.

Fear not! For the first time ever I am releasing my content planner that I gift to all my clients when they work with me on their marketing strategy

Instead of aimlessly trying to plan your content in a scheduling tool, or within platforms themselves this will help you bring a structured, strategic approach to your marketing.

What’s in it?

  • An annual planner of all marketing activity – across all channels
  • An annual overview of all public holidays, special days, international days of…
  • A content creation tool – highlight your key themes that you speak to, the key problems you solve, content which can link to that, content format
  • A month by month breakdown to populate your content into, with seperate channels included so you can have an overview of the whole month in one place
  • A loom video explaining how best to use the planne