Why quality leads are more important than quantity

Sep 8, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

I know most business owners are focused on getting that lead quantity up, they want to see that trending line.

But what is more important lead quantity or lead quality?

If you have turned on your marketing and you have that trend upwards, is the conversion trend going up?

Otherwise, there may be several different issues.

1. Is the targeting of the ads reaching your target market?
2. Does your sales team have the ability to convert the leads?

I am sure you have a really great sales team, and it can be hard if they’ve been in place for a really long time to question whether they are capable of handling or converting the leads?

If you’ve just ‘turned on’ a marketing campaign and the quantity of leads has significantly increased it can be hard for sales teams to adjust to the quantity of warm leads. Maybe they’re feeling the pressure?
If the conversion rate isn’t increasing you will need to assess whether the sales team are handling the leads before assuming the marketing isn’t working
3. Is the complaint that the product/service is too expensive and this is where people aren’t converting?

Then you need to look into whether the marketing is showing the value correctly? Don’t automatically assume that the consumer is correct in saying the price is wrong, you are not your competitors.

So, if you don’t focus on the conversion rate you could find that the quantity of leads coming in is a waste of your marketing budget, because you may not be reaching your target market.

There’s no point giving your sales team a huge quantity of leads and frustrating them if they may not be quality. You are always better off giving your sales team less leads but quality ones so they can build on what is working and what is not.

It is important to get those leads through the door. Everyone wants to see that number going up. But if that number is going up, your conversions should be going up, and obviously your sales going up.
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