How often should I be posting to social media?

Sep 1, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

Social media has created so many opportunities for marketers to reach the mass in a way that is incredibly cost effective (when you compare it to the old mass marketing channels – TV, newspaper etc)

But with so many social media specialists telling us if you’re not posting every day, appearing on stories, going live, creating reels – you know and all the other stuff. It can all feel incredibly overwhelming. So, I don’t blame small businesses, who already have enough sh*t on their plate for throwing their arms up saying “it’s all too hard”

Then they fall in the trap of being inconsistent, not doing anything at all, OR spending thousands on courses they’ll never complete to try and get on top of the content creation required for a ‘successful’ social media strategy OR paying to be part of masterminds which just add to the stress.

Fear not, I am here to tell you some truths both ugly and nice about social media.

Yes.. to have substantial growth on social media you are required to be ‘social’ on the platform.

But there are so many factors that come into play when you ask how often you should be posting.

Firstly I want to ask you what you want to achieve from social media? What are your intentions for showing up on the platform, is it for your customers, or is it because you simply think you should be there?

Secondly I want to ask you… where are your customers, and where do they want to interact with you

These things are incredibly important when you’re creating your social media strategy (which yes you need!)

Now after you have answered the above and decided that YES social media is the right place for you to ‘play’ here is the next bit to this story – as a business owner you need to really be watching the insights and understanding what’s getting engagement, what’s not getting engagement.

Why? So, you can really understand where can you improve, what will come to light will be things like are you posting too often? Are you finding that it’s not things that your audience really cares about? Are you annoying them? Are you engaging with them on their level? And I think, you know, is it on brand for you? What time does your insights tell you are the best for you to be posting?

Personally a pet peeve is seeing brands posting things that aren’t on brand and don’t honor what they’re trying to deliver as a message as a company, and I think that’s the most important thing, even if you miss a day and you don’t post every single day, which is fine, it might not be your strategy to post every day, just always be sure that it’s consistent and on brand.

The voice needs to be the same all the time.

These are the really key things that I know I talk about a lot, but they’re the key things that you really need to get right with your social media.

When it comes down to organic posting, it really does depend on your audience. If they’re engaging with you, keep giving them more content, because then you will remain to be front of mind.

If you’re finding, they’re not engaging with you, have a look at your content, have a look at your strategy, rejig it, and find out what it is that they want from you. They might actually really not want to hear from you on social media and you know, they might just want to hear from you once a week, and that’s fine.

But it really does come down to your unique audience. Every single business is different, there is not a one size fits all approach you need to take with social media.

Often the old trial and error strategy will lead you to your success.

Always show up on brand and authentically YOU.

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