How to set goals for marketing success

Sep 15, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

I’m a firm believer of setting KPIs, but I believe goal setting is different to that.

I think goal setting, especially when it comes to marketing, is about the story of your brand.

I believe goal setting is understanding the intentionality behind why you have started being serious about your marketing by hiring internally or bringing on board an external agency like Plum Marketing Solutions. You obviously had in mind clear intentions about why you made this decision in the first place and where you would like to see the brand and the company be in 6, 12, 18, 24 months time.

So, goal setting to me is communicating and documenting those core reasons and undergoing the activity and direction which needs to be taken to get to that place.

If you can articulate those goals to your Marketing team, external or internal, then they will be able to recommend activities and budgets required in order to reach the goals.

Not only is this goal setting critical when implementing marketing strategy, I think it is actually nice to have goals and vision for your business. It is even nicer to take the marketing team that you have, or the marketing manager, or whoever it is, on the journey as to why you wanted them there in the first place. And what you really want to achieve, aside from lead generation, and sales, and all the things that marketing should be doing.

And depending on the size of your organization why not take the whole team on your journey and let them understand your goals too. Make the goals and vision of your organization something for the whole team to strive towards.

KPI’s are focused directly on how many leads you want coming into the business, how bigger community you want on social media, and other metric based things. Goal setting reflects the movement of the business as a whole, and what growth and direction you want it to take.

So some questions you can ask yourself when setting goals:

Why are you on this journey?

What drove you to making the choices you have made in your business?

where do you want that to go?

Why do you want your brand to be seen?

How do you want it to be seen?

What is the reason behind your want for growth and therefore the employment / implementation of a marketing strategy?

How do you want the business to grow for your staff?

What culture do you want for your staff?

What are you staff goals?

How do you want the brand to look for your potential customers, potential employees?

Always remember to take your team on this journey. They’re going to love it.

As an agency who works with many brands I love learning about the real reason that my customers are in business, and what they’re passionate about. Because I’m passionate about brands, and developing them, and going down that path. So, I want to learn why they want to develop. Why the people love working there. Or, if there are internal issues, how can we help that through marketing?

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