HowToStrategy – There are no silver bullets just great game plans.

HowToStrategy – There are no silver bullets just great game plans.


Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to marketing?

Yet you know you NEED to have a plan, a strategy, a way of increasing your visibility, your leads, your sales, and ultimately your impact.

20% of businesses fail in the first year, 60% by their third year.


Many people report that it is due to financial reasons alone, but I argue it’s down also down to a lack of knowledge around marketing and getting your brand out there.

Brands with solid marketing strategies and foundations can generate leads, sales and ultimately have the impact they desire.

This crash course is designed to help you build a solid foundation to create and execute a marketing plan that works for your UNIQUE business.

Who Should Join?

Business owners who are sick of the overwhelm and stress they feel when it comes to their marketing

Business owners who want to increase their visibility and step into their brand in a big way

 Business owners who have internal help doing the marketing, but that person doesn’t have a marketing background

Business owners who want to generate more sales, but don’t have the budget for a marketing agency

Meet Bec

I’m Bec, a marketing strategist who has spent over a decade either working within a marketing department, heading up one, or forming one in a business that grew too quickly and forgot that whole brand and marketing piece, leading them to come undone in the ‘messy middle’ of business.

Now entering my third year as a business owner I want to deliver to you in 30 days what I normally teach and implement over months. (But don’t worry I promise you this won’t add to your overwhelm, rather it will solve it.)

And I know it works (see the wonderful words at the bottom of this gorgeous website!)

But why me? And why 30 days.

Because well communication, positivity, and woo are just some of my top strengths, and with nearly 15 years under my belt I have trial and “errored” all the best and worst ways to market businesses. (I know I look too young right?)

So not only will you get access to my skills and experience you will literally be getting a cheerleader who will challenge you and get you and your business on track for 2023. It’s my promise to you.

What will the training include?

We will work through the 3 key stages to develop solid marketing foundations and ultimately your marketing strategy:



How often do you hear the word strategy get thrown around? And Marketing Plan? How often do you shrug and think ‘I just don’t have time for that’ or that’s not something I need right now in my business.

What if I told you it didn’t need to be some overcomplicated, boring, stuffy document which sits on your shelf and only gets look at when you are lacking direction?

What if I told you that this ‘planning’ we are going to do will make everything else fall into place and make marketing manageable and It will help you feel more aligned with your brand, your goals and your vision!



In this stage, I take you through all the aspects you need to consider when planning your marketing. How do you know what channels to use, what will your go to market message be? How often do you need to be ‘doing your marketing?’ What will you monitor?


The Execution

So a plan is only as good as its execution. So in this step we talk about the practical steps on how to execute your marketing plan. I give you my planning tool and give you some practical advice on how I personally manage my own marketing.


The Extras

Of course, I had to give you some sweeteners.
A copy of my yearly planner normally valued at $59 + GST.
This planner I have had clients say has changed their life! (Pretty big call.)

Client Testimonials

Here are just some of the awesome clients I’ve had the privilege of working with:


Bec is a passionate, engaged and attentive marketing wizard! From the moment we met, I knew she loved what she did and would do whatever she can to help all clients! Her podcast is a must listen too!

- Olivia, Marketing Genius

Bec, My Marketing Saviour! Having just taken the plunge into the business world, marketing felt so big and intimidating. Bec has the magic to see through all your insecurities, take you through step by step and develop a strategy that is no longer daunting, but exciting – not to mention multifaceted and detailed.

- Gillian, Your Favorite Virtual Sidekick

Bec is an incredibly positive and energetic marketing specialist. She genuinely cares about getting the best possible results for her clients and is extremely passionate about finding the right solution for each business. I have had the pleasure of working with Bec for quite some time now and could not recommend her more

- Michelle, Agency Owner

Bec met with me to discuss provide guidance on building my own personal brand. I am at the start of this journey, and I found Bec to be really patient, considered and knowledgeable through our discussion. I could see that Bec has a wealth of both corporate and life experience, which contributes to her creating a safe, encouraging space to chat in. I came away from our session enthused, eager to put her tips and suggestions into practice.

- Wendy Horan


Before you buy I need you to commit to taking the time to working on your marketing.

The tips and tricks I give to you in this course WILL help you set up the foundations to move you into the business you dream for yourself.

BUT it requires your commitment. I want you to succeed. But this is not a hands off course which will change your business and ultimately your life without your effort.

So if you’re ready to change the way you think about marketing, to really get under the hood of your business and grow your brand, then please become a part of my world by joining this course.

$297 + GST