NSW Government Small Business Grant for Marketing Activities

Aug 6, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Data, Marketing Lessons

Have you seen the NSW Governments funding for small businesses to invest into their marketing budgets post COVID?

Under the new Small Business Recovery Grant, small businesses will be able to apply for funding up to $3000 which can be used to cover marketing and advertising expenses and many other changes to their businesses which might be required to reopen safely and meet current COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

We understand with all the changes you have already had to make, and the stresses you have already had put on your business it could be a total mind field wondering how to make use of this grant in relation to advertising and marketing.

So, as a fellow small business and child of the COVID pandemic Plum Marketing Solutions wants to support fellow business owners by helping you navigate this grant and how best you can use it to generate sales.

For more details in relation to the grant and how you can apply, please have a read of this handy article released by the NSW Government

Or simply visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/covid-19-help-small-businesses

We want nothing more than to see NSW back up and running, safely!

If you would like some free advice on your businesses marketing strategy and how to optimise this grant, please get in touch by filling out our contact us form.