You’re not supposed to be a marketing expert, you’re an expert in your field.

But… The reality is, that you do need Marketing if you want to scale and grow a sustainable business, unfortunately, it is unavoidable.

You’re not supposed to be a marketing expert, you’re an expert in your field.

But… The reality is, that you do need Marketing if you want to scale and grow a sustainable business, unfortunately, it is unavoidable.

You’ve heard of Blockbuster yeah?

Or maybe you haven’t…and this is the reason…
Staying stagnant in tough economies is actually moving backwards.

Not looking for new innovative forms of marketing or rethinking marketing in the time of digital overwhelm, AI and social media changes will leave you overwhelmed and could result in your business staying invisible.

When you have a solid marketing foundation to make decisions from,

Changes in the market, the economy or in technology won’t seem as overwhelming, nor will they have as much impact on your business.

So what’s included?

Clarity on your offering to the market – 2 hours to allow for a welcome.

Ideal client

Nailing your messaging

What channel is right for me and my business

Building your brand (guest speaker TBC)


Bonus 2 hour ask anything session.
Plus you’ll get a free one-hour session with yours truly, to go deeper into any of the sessions and challenges you’re facing.

Now I’ve heard all the objections…

  • Your skeptical that this will create any change for your business. The economy is the issue, this won’t solve that problem.
  • You don’t have the time and therefore don’t want to invest
    It won’t be specific enough to me and my business.
  • You’ve put all your eggs in the social media basket and you’re sticking with it.
  • You’ve invested in this type of thing before and gotten nothing out of it.

So my promise to you is this:

If this isn’t having an impact for you or your business by the third session, you can have your money back*

These are working sessions, it won’t be me cr*pping on, we will be working through the work so yes there will be homework, but it will be limited over and above your usual marketing work – my goal is to actually make this easier for you.

You will walk away with clarity and focus grounded in data and research

You aren’t supposed to be the marketing expert, but don’t let poor marketing, or time wasting on marketing that doesn’t work be the reason your business doesn’t grow.

*This does have a caveat, you have to show up to each session and go through the exercises, if you aren’t putting in any effort that is on YOU, I will be keeping you accountable.

What do people say about working with me?


I did a Marketing Strategy Session with Bec to help relaunch my business and tweak my offering to ensure it met the needs of my customers and clients. The one-on-one time was invaluable, allowing me to work through the areas I knew I needed to address as well as provide space for Bec to challenge my thinking (in a good way) and for us to workshop a range of strategies. Bec’s process was very much driven by what I needed and that flexibility means I have come away feeling invigorated and motivated, with a clear focus on strategy and implementation.

- Melanie

Bec has this awesome way of drilling down to get at the nuts and bolts of your business, and then really helps you hone in on what’s important. She has a brilliant marketing brain and really understands how marketing can be hugely effective in a business. But, best of all, she makes it fun and you come away feeling invigorated and inspired, having soaked up all her energy and enthusiasm.

- Melanie Gardener

In readiness to launch my book – Real Project Leadership – I engaged Bec for a marketing audit. We discussed my marketing plan and bought attention to what matters most. She highlighted what I was doing well and should continue as well as made adjustments to improve CTA call to actions. Her network is extensive, and she has directed me to a specialist to help out in one of the areas that needs attention.
I have confidence in my plan. Thanks Bec, appreciate your practical down to earth approach.

- Jeanette Cremor

Starting my business was quite the challenge, and marketing was a whole new world for me. Thankfully, I connected with Bec Chappel. I first met Bec at a networking event, and her enthusiasm for my business was infectious. After that initial meeting, she stayed in touch and really became a beacon of support for me. Together, we tackled some unique and amusing challenges that completely transformed my business strategy. I often find myself reaching out to her, whether for advice or just to vent a bit. Bec has truly been a guiding light for me, and I’m deeply thankful for her help. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a boost—she’ll bring a smile to your face and really make you think. Thank you, Bec, for everything!

- Kylie Dennis

Having experienced Bec Chappell’s enthusiasm and marketing talents first hand I’m very keen to endorse and recommend her for Marketing Advice and Support to anyone looking to extend their reach in the “online world.

- Peter Slater

Loved your masterclass x 2 – definitely gave me some practical things to reflect on.

I feel like I’m getting much clearer about my ideal client and I just used the questions from yours/Michelle’s masterclass to hone my thinking.

- Louise

Bec has made everything about marketing my new veterinary hospital easy. She explains things clearly, adjusts adverts as needed and is always happy to share her expertise with you to the benefit of your business. There is no one else I would rather trust with marketing my hospital than Bec Chappell.

- Dr Belinda Parsons

Bec is a marketing dynamo with a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm for elevating brands. With solid technical implementation skills coupled with a firm grasp on strategy, she is able to provide businesses with a data-driven roadmap to take their brand to the next level. Bec is down to earth, approachable and switched-on, and uses her positive energy to engage teams and drive real, measurable results.

- Leonie Waldron

Bec is an incredibly positive and energetic marketing specialist. She genuinely cares about getting the best possible results for her clients and is extremely passionate about finding the right solution for each business. I have had the pleasure of working with Bec for quite some time now and could not recommend her more

- Michelle, Agency Owner

Bec met with me to discuss provide guidance on building my own personal brand. I am at the start of this journey, and I found Bec to be really patient, considered and knowledgeable through our discussion. I could see that Bec has a wealth of both corporate and life experience, which contributes to her creating a safe, encouraging space to chat in. I came away from our session enthused, eager to put her tips and suggestions into practice.

- Wendy Horan

The Investment

$1,999 + GST

The value? Normally six sessions with me alone would be $5,994 +GST

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I would love to see you magnetise your marketing in FY25.